The two big advantages of ETFs. (

A sign of the times…more people are searching Google for ‘oil’ versus ‘real estate.’ (Bespoke Investment Group)

Simple reversion strategies have not paid off with sector ETFs. (CXO Advisory Group)

“Two parties can make a trade based upon different time frames, and both can be correct. Even a single investor using multiple models may get conflicting signals.” (Dash of Insight)

Seriously, $65 a share is our final offer. (DealBook)

A review of the ValuEngine stock screener. (Kirk Report)

“Borrow for things that have large long-term payoffs. Delay purchases for short-term gratification.” (Aleph Blog)

“(T)here’s a world of difference between losing your triple-A rating, on the one hand, and being forced into receivership, on the other.” (Market Movers)

The First Trust ISE Global Wind Energy Index Fund (FAN) begins trading. (

“Want to use your financial assets in a “socially responsible way” (whatever that means)? Sell your shares and give the funds to the “socially responsible” chairty of your choice.” (Going Private)

A nifty little private equity investment. (Deal Journal)

The challenges of choosing the right benchmark. (Infectious Greed)

The mainstream media is still too bullish about M&A volume. (Epicurean Dealmaker)

Nobody is really happy with the AP’s blogging policy. (Calculated Risk, Big Picture, Silicon Alley Insider)

Giving newspaper readers a choice, not an echo. (Growthology)

Controversy, albeit limited, about the proposed Milton Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago. (

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