The year since the Blackstone Group (BX) has brought nothing but bad news for Wall Street.  (

General Motors (GM) stock has gone nowhere (in nominal terms) since 1975.  (MarketBeat also

Is it time to put investment and commercial banks together?  (

“Ratings serve a purpose and that purpose is to provide a buyer with a trusted, accurate and universal measure of default risk (albeit not a definitive one). Ratings are, to a degree, the outsourcing of due diligence.”  (FT Alphaville)

Is venture capital now a ‘contrarian’ play?  (Infectious Greed)

Coming soon, ‘private equity replication.’  (All About Alpha)

“If you have doubts about your strategy or returns, never put it in an email.”  (

“(I)f you find the urge to take big chances irresistible, don’t do anything that imperils your financial security in the process.”  (

Sometimes admitting an error and moving on is the best medicine.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Gaming earnings announcements is difficult, at best.  (Daily Options Report)

The bottom line is that TA [technical analysis] is merely a tool, albeit one used more skillfully by some than others.”  (Big Picture)

It is nice when a model performs well out-of-sample.  (World Beta)

How simulating trading parameters can help illuminate common errors.  (TraderFeed)

Are models obsolete in an era of nearly unlimited data (and computing power)?  (

The difference between proper academic research and commissioned research. (Market Movers)

What will it take for the investment blogosphere to grow up?  (Dash of Insight)

“Some analysts suggest the dark pool providers could eventually join together, combining their individual dark pools and apply for exchange status, something exchanges are obviously keen to avoid.”  (

Breakup values for Yahoo! (YHOO).  (Silicon Alley Insider)

Have you seen what natural gas has been doing of late?  (

Don’t blame speculators for high oil prices.  (Mankiw Blog)

House price declines show no sign of leveling off.  (Calculated Risk)

Economists and traders differ on the path of future Fed rate changes.  (naked capitalism)

Is the “Great Moderation” in danger of reversing?  (Odd Numbers)

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