The Dow hits a new low for the year, but is that the right measure of the market?  (Daily Options Report, Big Picture)

Bearish sentiment is on the move upwards.  (Bespoke Investment Group)

On Wall Street, actions speak louder than words.  (Deal Journal also Market Movers, Infectious Greed)

Three powerful words in investing:  “I don’t know.”  ( previously noted at Abnormal Returns)

Time horizon and the use of technical analysis.  (VIX and More)

It is those hedge funds that using the leveraged ETFs.  (

Just Say No:  drunk driving and unsolicited $65 takeover offers.  ( also 24/7WallSt.)

Cash is now king in the M&A world.  (Deal Journal)

More currency ETFs?  Yes, more currency ETFs!  (

Avoid options on inverse index ETFs.  (Condor Options)

The ‘fear of missing.’  (TraderFeed)

The fight over CSX Corp. (CSX) and the unique hedge fund behind the fight. (DealBook, ibid)

Something has got to give, Bank of America (BAC) yields 9.6%.  (Money & Co.)

Do consistently high profits indicate market failure in the money management industry?  (All About Alpha)

The mortgage industry should be on notice after Illinois goes after Countrywide.  (Market Movers)

Is a “fourth wave” of the credit crisis upon us?  (Calculated Risk)

The Fed takes a “middle of the road” path on rates.  (Economist’s View)

What role has greater transparency played in recent Fed decision making?  (naked capitalism)

Consumers are predicting higher inflation than professional forecasters.  (Odd Numbers)

A “Y-shaped” global recession?  (FT Alphaville)

“The key driver of rising average levels of income risk is that life among the already risky has become even riskier. ”  (Freakonomics)

A positive review for Mohammed El-Arian‘s new book, When Markets Collide.  (

The global art market boom broadens out.  (Finance Trends Matter)

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