CME Group (CME) snubs NYSE Euronext.  (

“The problem with Anheuser Busch’s defence strategy is that it makes the Budweiser-maker an even more enticing target for InBev…”  ( also

More on the death of Bear Stearns (BSC).  (, NakedShorts)

Inflation is a worldwide phenomenon.  (

Southeast Asia is under stress.  (Infectious Greed)

“(I)t’s hard to beat the gloom and doom coming from Europe.”  (Fundamental Insights)

“Lesson #1: Nobody knows where the market bottom is.”  (Deal Journal)

A look at ETFs trading above their 200 day moving averages.  (ETF Trends)

Success at portfolio management is not simply a larger version of success at trading individual markets directionally.”  (TraderFeed)

Thinly traded credit markets are a problem for fast-moving hedge funds.”  (breakingviews/

Does private equity in hedge funds make any sense?  (Market Movers)

M&A targets are cheap, but financing is dear.  What is dealmaker to do?  (Deal Journal)

Share trading algorithms now take into account how others are trading.  (

Would you read “The Daily One Sheet“?  (

Should we really care about “actively managed ETFs“?  (

Despite the rain, corn prices are off their peak.  (MarketBeat)

Value and dividend-focused investors have come together to form a new blog.  (The DIV-Net)

How should you write a “farewell” e-mail?  (Mergers & Inquisitions)

How Twitter could be a billion dollar company.  (Silicon Alley Insider)

Playing an organized sport is associated with higher income.  Does that include Wii Bowling?  (Real Time Economics)

The Beatles vs. Harry Potter. “If technology has flattened music, can it also have made the book business spikier?”  (Free exchange)

Happiness is on the march around the world.  (Science Blog)

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