Mohamed El-Arian, ” The toxic mix is causing markets to throw the baby out with the bath water. There is now a littering of high quality assets whose prices are divorced from their underlying quality.”  (

What the Dow does after big one month declines.  (Big Picture)

Are the high times over for energy and resource sectors?  (

A skeptical look at the prospects for a market rebound.  (naked capitalism)

Just how big might banking losses get?  (Infectious Greed)

What the Weather Channel deal says about the deal economy.  (

“(W)hen there are billions of dollars to be made by breaking the rules, you can be sure that the rules will end up being broken.”  (Market Movers)

ETF liquidations are not the end of the world.  (ETF Trends)

Strong gold miner performance “provides a strong signal of inflation concern and the need for a defensive posture.”  (Dash of Insight)

“The market itself is not as volatile as they make it sound on TV.”  (Daily Options Report)

Extracting ‘disaster probabilities‘ from out-of-the-money index options.  (CXO Advisory Group)

“(A) recession is not the worst possible outcome. The worst is for this crisis to go on and on…”  (

A MicroHoo deal is possible, says Carl Icahn, if the Yahoo! (YHOO) board is ousted.  (DealBook,, Silicon Alley Insider)

Americans hate Canada.  U.S. tourist visits across the border at a 36-year low.  (

While America Aged, an excerpt from the new Roger Lowenstein book.  (

Social media is no different from all media.”  (A VC)

How one pitcher, Tim Lincecum, gets the most from their pitching motion.  (

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