A trillion dollar mean reversion in financial sector profits.  (FT Alphaville)

You can’t tell the bailouts without a scorecard.  (MarketBeat)

“This history [of bailouts] shows it is almost always a painful process, typically costly to taxpayers and best done quickly.”   (WSJ.com)

“(T)he government isn’t likely to give the companies [Fannie and Freddie], and shareholders, free money.”  (WSJ.com)

Is the Fed taking on too big a mission?  (Real Time Economics)

Is it time to break Fannie and Freddie up?  (Accrued Interest and Odd Numbers)

“(T)he market has been telling us all along that sooner or later the taxpayer was going to pay.”   (Marginal Revolution)

Putting into historical perspective how much a GSE bailout might cost.  (Odd Numbers, BusinessWeek.com)

A new (and old) fear index.  (Daily Options Report, MarketBeat)

Financial stocks have not yet bottomed.  (Barrons.com)

Down $1 billion is a bad month.  (FT.com)

General Motors (GM) has enough liquidity for the next six months.  (ClusterStock.com)

Might Lehman Bros. (LEH) go private?  (DealBreaker.com, Market Movers)

A new African equity ETF.  (IndexUniverse.com)

A couple of “back door” plays on the coming surge in wind power investment.  (FT.com)

SPACs have come to Europe in a big way.  (TheDeal.com)

No slowdown in venture capital fund inflows.  (BusinessWeek.com)

You spend way too much time on your investments.  (Market Movers)

U.S. CEOs don’t think much of the economy of late.  (Big Picture)

Putting globalization (and BRIC growth) into perspective.  (Growthology)

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