“Sometimes, M&A advisers actually earn the fee.”  (Deal Journal)

Wall Street habitually takes too much.”  (naked capitalism)

“Everyone” says the bottom in bank stocks is in.  (Big Picture)

“I can support an overweight position in agency mortgage bonds, the yields seem attractive at current levels of volatility.”  (Aleph Blog)

Stop trying to explain the cause of “the bottom.”  (Daily Options Report)

Trading on traditional correlation structures is a risky bet of late.  (WSJ.com)

How to control your fears in an unsettling market environment.  (WSJ.com also Street Capitalist)

Don’t extrapolate a few good trades into dreams of becoming a full-time trader.  (TheStreet.com)

The CME-NYMEX looks like a “done deal.”  (DealZone)

How have two of the country’s biggest public pension funds performed of late?  (Money & Co.)

“Dubai is rather frothy.”  The impact of the 2008 oil shock.  (Brad Setser)

Housing prices can fall in your “high end” neighborhood.  (Calculated Risk)

What the U.S. economy needs to do to avoid “dire deflationary predictions.”  (Economist’s View also Marginal Revolution)

How CNBC molded Erin Burnett into the business news star she is today.  (NYTimes.com)

“The surest clue of Twitter’s importance is that, despite (or perhaps because of) its enormous popularity, people can’t agree on what the hell it is.”  (Tech Confidential)

The lucrative business of Apple blogging.  (NYTimes.com)

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