ETFs are investment products. Like stocks, mutual funds, and all manner of other financial confections, more than a few qualify as genuine carp that should never have had space on the markets’ shelves.”  (NakedShorts)

Outspoken bank analyst Richard X. Bove thinks a number of bank stocks are “too cheap.”  (

“A year into the credit crisis, in other words, trust remains a rare commodity in the banking world.”  (

The easy trades for hedge funds in 2008 (long commodities, short financials) reversed in July.  (Bull Bear Trader)

“The only sure way to call a bottom is of course to………keep calling one.”  (Daily Options Report)

Do stop-loss orders work?  (CXO Advisory Group)

Expect more volatility in the Treasury market.  (Financial Ninja)

“July turned out to be the slowest month for initial public offerings world-wide in five years, and no significant pickup is expected this month.”  (

Why does any one still have money in Van Wagoner Emerging Growth (VWEGX)?  ( also Curious Capitalist)

Happy (unwelcome) anniversary to the credit crisis.  (

Is a second wave of home mortgage defaults coming?  (Big Picture,

Median income vs. gasoline consumption.  (Real Time Economics, Market Movers)

“In short, the case for a rate hike appears tied to continued decoupling of the US and global economies; recoupling argues for stable monetary policy.”  (Economist’s View)

Demand for risk free assets is high.  (EconLog)

Can too many stakeholders spoil the venture?  (

Rogue waves can form with surprisingly little buildup.  (

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