Investors’ childlike demand for safety has made the financial world terribly risky.”  (Interfluidity)

No matter how you slice it Freddie and Fannie are going to need a lot more equity.  (Real Time Economics)

The Harvard endowment fund continues to excel.  ( also Market Movers)

The Mexican peso joins the list of currencies that has recently hit highs against the U.S. dollar.  (Market Movers also Bespoke Investment Group)

Blackstone Group (BX) had one standout performer this quarter – a hedge fund.  (Deal Journal)

Citigroup (C) just wants to put the auction rate securities fiasco behind them.  (, ibid)

“Investors still haven’t fully accepted the real truth, which is the business model of alternative asset managers is fundamentally flawed and their shares have further to fall.”  (Deal Journal also

Is it time to bring the CDS markets into the open?  (naked capitalism)

“How will the conflict between Syron’s version of events and other people’s versions get resolved?”  (EconLog)

Is complacency creeping back into the market?  (Daily Options Report, Bespoke Investment Group)

Nobody is forcing you to buy newfangled ETFs.  (NakedShorts)

Just about every one these days could do some tax-loss selling.  (

Should you buy an overvalued asset, TIPS, just to avoid the risk of inflation?  (

A new twist on an already successful asset class rotation model.  (World Beta)

Research shows combining momentum and positive roll returns yields strong results in commodities trading.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Algorithmic trading is everywhere.  (MarketBeat)

Management sophistication at many sovereign wealth funds is lacking.  (Knowledge@Wharton)

Conglomerates are having a hard time justifying their sprawling existence.  (

Want a job in finance these days?  Restructuring is one area that is hiring.  (Mergers & Inquisitions)

Facebook employees are cashing out in private, secondary transactions.  (A VC)

How will Twitter eventually make money?  (

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