How should we interpret the market’s reaction to a nationalization story about the GSEs?  (Dash of Insight, Big Picture, MarketBeat)

What will happen, if anything, to the senior debt holders in the GSEs?  (Aleph Blog, Accrued Interest)

The story of Ron Insana is more typical of a hedge fund start-up than the high-profile, multi-billion dollar start-ups.  ( also

Never would have expected to see Sweden and Gordon Gekko in the same story. (DealBook also Market Movers)

Vanguard has been successful going head-to-head with already established ETFs.  (

Lehman (LEH) is putting its crown jewels up for auction.  ( also naked capitalism)

Just how much do hedge funds change their aggregate market exposure in the face of market weakness?  (All About Alpha)

Changing the way Wall Street doles out credit to hedge funds.  (

If you are playing in dark pools of liquidity, you should know if there is a lifeguard on duty.  (MarketBeat)

Fama and French on mutual fund performance.  (

Higher energy prices led to the highest PPI reading in 27 years.  (Crossing Wall Street, Capital Spectator)

Why did oil prices drop and what does it mean for the U.S. economy?  (Econbrowser)

A bull market in bearish prognostication.  (Curious Capitalist also Free exchange)

Highlights from an interesting entry from “one of the most interesting, diverse, and provocative group blogs on the internet.”  (Market Movers)

Traditional telephone service is doomed to extinction.”  (Bits)

Freedom, not income, is the key to happiness across countries.  ( also naked capitalism)

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