Corporate bond spreads have widened out once again.  (

The market in private equity secondaries is booming.  (Deal Journal)

Ten, no eleven, financial entities “on the brink.” (Mish)

“Well, traditional Wall Street Research seems to be of minimum value to investors.”  (Big Picture)

Is the PBGC embarking on an ill-considered diversification effort?  (

The CDS market tends to move in advance of credit agency changes.  (FT Alphaville)

“I don’t begrudge Insana his jump to the hedge-fund world. Like everyone else, he is just trying to make a buck–and finding out just how tough that can be.”  (Deal Journal)

Capital preservation may be the #1 new goal in this environment.”  (Afraid to Trade)

A closer look at the unraveling of the decoupling hypothesis.  (

How should traders approach changes in long-standing market regimes.  (Daily Options Report)

What effect does REIT momentum play in REIT fund performance measurement?  (

“(T)he USDX consistently influences the S&P 500, but the S&P 500’s influence on the USDX isn’t so clear.”  (MarketSci Blog)

The major differences in the currency ETFs.  (ETF Trends)

Short sellers have done the work that governments won’t and can’t. It’s absurd for governments to limit their opportunities.”  (Crossing Wall Street)

As if Yahoo! (YHOO) shareholders weren’t angry enough.  (Bits)

Tracking the influences behind higher commodity prices.  (

Then tough stock market has been tough on trading blogs.  (Fallond Picks)

T. Boone Pickens makes no small plans.  (

Tracking the shifts in Ben Bernanke’s thinking over the past year.  (Infectious Greed)

Mixed evidence on whether steroid use actually helped production of the players named in the Mitchell Report.  (Odd Numbers)

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