Don’t confuse investing and saving.  (Market Movers)

(T)he dollar’s decline, now more than six years old, is looking long in the tooth.”  (

No one is willing to step up to add capital to Fannie and Freddie with the Treasury’s plans looming.  (

The Fed is leaning on the Treasury to craft a plan that keeps Fannie and Freddie’s preferred shares from getting “wiped out.”  (

Just who is a quant strategy newbie?  (NakedShorts)

Quant strategies need to adapt to the ever-changing market environment.  (MarketSci Blog)

Good riddance.  15 of 19 “overspecialized” HealthShares ETFs are being liquidated.  (

Why ETFs will eventually surpass traditional open-end mutual funds.  (

Domestic natural gas production is back and prices are falling.  (

“So it’s pretty clear that allocating capital is a key aspect, possibly the most important aspect, of generating good returns in a venture fund.”  (A VC)

At Fortune 500 companies some 40% of employee stock options are underwater.  (Financial Week)

“So far, all this volatility has had little lasting effect on the value of the stock market. But in the long run volatility is a very bad thing, because it makes ordinary investors less inclined to trust markets.”  ( also Market Movers)

An interesting side effect of the rise in gasoline prices.  (Mankiw Blog)

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