Three catalysts that could push the S&P 500 higher.  (Deal Journal)

Emerging markets are taking it on the chin in 2008.  (MarketBeat)

Infrastructure deals will happen, the question is when.  (Dealscape)

“PIMCO’s move into ETFs increases the competitive pressure on the average mutual fund.”   (

Five good ETF ideas that have not yet caught on.  (

(H)edge fund investors are more price sensitive when it comes to management fees than they are when it comes to incentive fees.”  (All About Alpha)

One month, out of the money calls on average are a losing proposition.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Is trading right for you?  (Kirk Report)

On Wall Street, blogging can be hazardous for your career.  (

The implementation of global accounting standards is going to mean wholesale changes in the way accounting is taught.  (DealBook)

Mexico is a country with many deep rooted economic problems, however, the country has taken many steps in the right direction.”  (Crossing Wall Street)

GDP gets revised upward.  What about GDI?  (Real Time Economics, Odd Numbers)

What a bottom in housing prices would mean for the markets and the economy.  (Free exchange also Economist’s View, Infectious Greed)

Why do we use core inflation?  (Economist’s View)

Research on why going with your gut feeling may be influenced by subconscious learning.  (

Why are the sabremetric-focused teams all underperforming in 2008?  (The Big Lead)

Sam Zell got one thing right with the Tribune acquisition – the timing of the sale of the Chicago Cubs.  (

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