“Once it is clear that Lehman Brothers doesn’t matter anymore, Wall Street can better focus on the things that do.”  (Deal Journal)

What would happen if a “major financial intermediary” went bankrupt?  (Market Movers)

The market has had a chance to digest the risk of failure at Lehman.  (DealBreaker.com)

WIlliam Ackman says stop picking on Lehman Brothers (LEH).  (Dealscape)

Every pundit does modeling.  Every pundit makes forecasts.”  (Dash of Insight)

Ken Heebner wants to raise $5 billion for a new hedge fund.  (Bloomberg.com)

Are energy stocks unnecessarily oversold?  (MarketBeat)

“Exchange-traded funds now represent 31% of trading volume in the U.S. equities…”  (IndexUniverse.com)

Turnover in the world of actively managed ETF providers.  (ETF Trends also IndexUniverse.com)

Is a volatility-based ETF all that good an idea?  (Condor Options)

An interesting divergence in gold vs. the gold miners.  (Daily Options Report, ClusterStock.com)

Factor diversification is important to allow you to fight another day.  (Humble Student)

Preferred stock is a vehicle that hates volatility.”  (Aleph Blog)

Do we need more debate before we swap our accounting rules for the IFRS?  (Floyd Norris)

“[Economic] Decoupling worked well for a few minutes.”  (Slate.com)

Capital is flowing out of the emerging markets at an alarming rate.  (naked capitalism also Trader’s Narrative)

The Baltic Dry Index is at a fifteen month low.  (Mish)

Look at a rise in unemployment to help define a recession.  (Economist.com)

Happiness research and how to spend money during your lifetime.  (Slate.com)

The econoblogosphere is abuzz over a new set of blog rankings.  (The Palgrave Econolog)

Keep the NFL season the way it is.  (Mixed Media)

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