Short-term treasuries are in short supply.  ( also Mish)

Banks are not lending to each other.  (FT Alphaville, MarketBeat)

Hedge fund redemptions ramp up.  (MarketBeat)

Talk about negative yields, hedge funds have fled to cash.  (

Firms are drawing down their rarely tapped revolving credit lines.  ( also EconLog)

The theory behind the rescue plan.  (Mankiw Blog also

Good luck trying to value the slew of distressed mortgage-related securities.  (

“You don’t need to save all the banks to save the country. You only need to save some.”  (

“We should, therefore, be much more worried about companies that are “too metastasized to fail” than companies that are merely “too big to fail”. It’s time to change our thinking.”  (Infectious Greed)

What Wall Street needs is what it has delivered to so many other industries, a dose of Schumpterian creative destruction, to make room so that better things may rise up from the ashes.”  (Interfluidity)

The short selling ban is only causing “regulatory chaos.”  (, Bespoke Investment Group)

“Some [Goldman Sachs] investors are griping about what they say is a sweet deal for Mr. Buffett.”  (

Bond ETFs have seen a spike in volatility. (VIX and More, ETF Trends)

The VIX closes above 30 for eight days in a row.  (, MarketBeat)

How might Wall Street look in a few years?  (Deal Journal)

Who is to blame for the current crisis, and does it really matter?  (Woodrow)

Not every ETF/ETN market maker does their job.  (NakedShorts)

What say the “magazine cover indicator” on the current crisis?  (

Bill Gross offers his services to the Treasury pro bono.  ( also Big Picture, Market Movers)

What effect has the short-selling ban had on long-short mutual funds?  (

There really is a market for hedge fund replication.  (All About Alpha)

On the proper use of leveraged and inverse ETFs.  (Daily Options Report)

More on building an “adaptive trading strategy.”  (MarketSci Blog)

Was the end of the U.S. housing boom inevitable?  (Alea)

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