The world to the G7:  more detail please.  (,

Euroland decides to guarantee interbank lending.  (

Just how would the Treasury inject capital into banks?  (Market Movers also EconLog)

Why did a rescue plan pass that no one believed could really work?  (Interfluidity, Market Movers)

Let’s get back to first principles in solving this crisis.  (Infectious Greed)

“These is still no relief in the credit markets.”  (Calculated Risk)

Europe no longer feels so smug about the U.S. crisis.  (The Big Money also naked capitalism)

Some old hands see value in the stock market.  (

More attractive valuations have not pushed Jeremy Grantham off the sidelines.  (

Investors are in a collective stupor.  (

Sentiment measures galore.  (Trader’s Narrative, Infectious Greed, TraderFeed)

Morgan Stanley (MS) tries to keep one step ahead of financial failure.  (Deal Journal, Clusterstock,

Some corporate insiders are being forced to sell stock to meet margin calls.  (

Putting together the megabanks will be no easy task.  (

Add the dearth of IPOs to the list of historical firsts for this market.  (Deal Journal, DealZone)

Times are tough:  apartment and self-storage REITs outperform.  (

One side benefit of the credit crisis:  lower oil prices and a higher dollar.  (MarketBeat,

High implied volatilities are pricing some investors out of the market.  (MarketBeat)

Is it time to bring back trading curbs?  (Trader Mike)

Don’t believe the bullish indicators, just yet.  (Aleph Blog, TraderFeed)

Start-ups need to cut expenses now.  (Silicon Alley Insider also A VC)

Will the Internet be the hero of the current crisis?  (Investor’s Consigliere)

“Given the steady erosion of wealth, a serious consumer retrenchment should not be surprising.”  (Real Time Economics)

A great deal of talk swirls around the global automobile industry.  (

Netflix (NFLX) has emerged as a leader in online video.  (Bits)

On the economics of honeybees.  (Marginal Revolution)

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