Today’s linkfest is earlier (and less comprehensive) than usual. Good luck out there.

The worst two-day stock market performance since October 1987. (Bespoke)

Redemption requests and collateral calls all equal hedge fund selling. ( also naked capitalism)

October was a brutal month for even the biggest hedge funds. (DealBook)

Investors are still not “expecting the worst.” (The Balance Sheet)

Add dividend cuts to the woes of the stock market. (

Some one thinks they can profit from the mortgage mess. (

Are stocks truly ‘dirt cheap‘? (Clusterstock)

The commercial paper market is improving. (

Buyout fund investors are facing cash calls they don’t want to make. (

How about a TED spread related trading strategy. (MarketSci Blog)

If 2x is good, 3x is better, right? Wrong. (Daily Options Report)

99% of you should not be trading this market. (Howard Lindzon)

Traders learn through experience, that is if they don’t quit first. (TraderFeed)

Why international diversification has been so disappointing. (Market Blog)

The government cannot solve every financial problem through easy money. (Aleph Blog also

Is the domestic auto industry a “lost cause”? (Dealbreaker)

The rise and fall of Planet Finance. (Vanity Fair via Infectious Greed)

Who knew there was so much money in index funds? (Curious Capitalist)

Do asset prices matter for the economy? (Brad DeLong)

Keeping a skeptical eye on economic research. (Odd Numbers)

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