The “black hole” that is AIG (AIG) just keeps getting bigger.  The blogosphere is not particularly happy about how this re-bailout happened.  ( also DealBook, MarketBeat, naked capitalism, FT Alphaville, Market Movers, Clusterstock)

Has decoupling accelerated or decelerated during the crisis?  (

Citigroup (C) wants to buy a regional bank.  (

Winners and losers in the world of hedge funds.  (, also Investor’s Consigliere)

Pension funds are next up as victims of the current bear market.  (FT Alphaville)

Hedge funds are now cutting their fees.  (Clusterstock)

Leveraged loans are facing forced portfolio liquidations.  (Financial Week)

Market makers were unwilling to make tight markets in bond ETFs.  (

Over a long enough horizon, we don’t have to be perfect. We just have to find enough quantifiable edges to be right a bit more often than we’re wrong.”  (MarketSci Blog)

Underwater options leaves a scad of de-motivated employees in Silicon Valley.  (Silicon Alley Insider)

Generous Motors (GM) should seek bankruptcy.  (, Free exchange)

In part because its stock is likely worthless. (MarketBeat, Crossing Wall Street)

Can China “..put [a stimulus plan] into effect quickly enough to offset the likely downturn”?  (Brad Setser)

(T)he recent boom in non-residential investment (ex power and petro) was not as excessive as the housing bubble.”  (Calculated Risk)

The “logical” heir to Steve Jobs.  (

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