U.S. TIPS point to deflation.  (FT.com also Capital Spectator)

Everything is trading together.  (MarketBeat)

Stock market expected returns.  (Mankiw Blog)

The S&P 500 is trading some 32% below its 200 day moving average.  (Bespoke)

Paulson & Co. has begun buying beaten down mortgage securities.  (Clusterstock)

Some one is making money off of recent market turbulence.  (FT Alphaville)

Historical volatility measures are rolling over.  (VIX and More)

“If any investor could have avoided the credit catastrophe, it should have been Harvard.”  (Slate.com)

With commodities in the tank, is it time to look at the ELEMENTS S&P CTI ETN (LSC)?  (Morningstar.com)

“The bigger lesson to draw from the STS’ [seasonality timing system] success in recent months is not to give up on a strategy that has a stellar long-term record because of a short-term hiccup in performance.”  (Marketwatch.com)

“The salient point is not the choice among these three (or any other) schools of market analysis, but rather the choice between a disciplined, objective approach and something easier and inevitably dangerous.” (Condor Options)

“Any hedge fund down more than 20 percent this year should be willing to explain why it didn’t see the crisis coming.”  (Bloomberg.com)

“If the basis of quant investing is so obvious and well-known by many investors, then how can the strategy possibly continue to generate excess returns?”  (All About Alpha)

Hank Paulson is now in favor of regulating hedge funds.  (WashingtonPost.com)

Layoffs at Citigroup (C) are fine, but what about capital levels?  (WSJ.com, breakingviews.com)

“The single biggest reason why we need extra banking regulation is that the big public banks can’t be trusted to regulate themselves.”  (Market Movers)

Is it possible to structure a non-bankruptcy, bankruptcy for General Motors (GM)?  (Market Movers also Curious Capitalist)

“First, let’s recognize that G.M. doesn’t need life support. What it needs is Chapter 11.”  (NYTimes.com)

Just how many jobs does the U.S. auto industry support?  (Economix)

Little is being made of lower oil prices on the consumer.  (Real Time Economics)

Time for a gas tax.  (Fortune.com)

More on the Mark Cuban insider trading case.  (Deadspin, Floyd Norris, ChicagoTribune.com, Clusterstock)

Times really are tough.  Mistress’ and race horse prices take it on the chin.  (Wealth Report, Clusterstock)

Pirates, the eye patch kind, seem to be the only ones having a good year.  (Marginal Revolution, Financial Ninja)

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