Do we need another $1 trillion to recapitalize the financial system?  (FT Alphaville, Real Time Economics)

We have been waiting for this story.  Financial services CEOs in the spotlight for reaping profits from stock sales in the past couple years.  (

Records were made to be broken.  (Big Picture)

The 2002-2007 bull market is gone.  (Floyd Norris, Bespoke)

Four bad bear markets.  (Calculated Risk also Bespoke)

“As risky assets keep getting cheaper, we get to buy them at prices low enough to take most of the risk out of the equation.”  (The Wallet)

Junk bond yields are “off the charts.”  (, naked capitalism)

How to get to a 700 S&P 500.  (Clusterstock)

The Citigroup (C) collapse in figures.  (Deal Journal)

Ignore the stock market…until February.  (

How much should we read into the recent trading in Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) credit default swaps? (Market Movers, Jeff Matthews, Capital Vandalism)

“Even Warren E. Buffett gets cut trying to catch a falling knife.”  (DealBook)

How stocks perform in different inflationary/deflationary environments.  (Crossing Wall Street, ibid)

An online asset allocation backtesting.  ( via World Beta)

Putting academic research to the test in selecting mutual funds.  (

The race to form a central CDS clearinghouse.  (

Some bond market wonkery.  (FT Alphaville, Market Movers)

The Fed is supposed cut real interest rates as the economy weakens, but the opposite seems to be happening.”  (Mankiw Blog)

It’s called a depression.  (Aleph Blog)

What to do about “the biggest financial crisis since the Depression.”  (Follow the Money)

Bonuses lead to poor decision making.  (Free exchange)

The iPod is dead, long live the iPhone.  (Silicon Alley Insider)

Pirates and private equity:  a comparison.  (Deal Journal also The Big Money)

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