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Don’t count on today’s dividends to support stock prices.  (naked capitalism)

The opportunity in ‘fairly priced’ markets.  (FT.com)

James Montier is really bullish.  (Bloomberg.com)

Equity market volatility is now old hat.  (Market Movers also Daily Options Report, Humble Student)

Volatility is up and day traders are back.  (The Big Money)

More leveraged ETFs in the commodity and currency realms.  (IndexUniverse.com)

Analyst buy ratings are few and far between.  (Bespoke)

Writing equity index puts at the top of the market for Warren Buffett was not “such a great idea.”  (Market Movers)

University endowments “over-committed” to private equity.  (NYTimes.com also Dealbreaker)

“Yes, the broker-dealers wanted free markets – and got them. But the only freedom they really won was the freedom to destroy themselves.”  (Deal Journal)

What next for bank holding company Morgan Stanley (MS)?  (NYTimes.com)

Functioning markets need investors who believe companies can make returns on new capital.”  (WSJ.com)

We may need to re-think the January effect this time around.  (Marketwatch.com)

Reasons to like FDIC and GSE paper.  (Accrued Interest)

A2/P2 commercial paper rates never came back down.  (Odd Numbers)

Do we need to think about yield curves differently in the age of ZIRP.  (FT Alphaville)

Paul Volcker is back and in the West Wing.  (Big Picture, Clusterstock)

ECRI leading indicators indicate a worsening recession.  (Big Picture)

The mobile American labor market breaks down when housing prices fall.”  (The Daily Beast)

Does Tim Geithner “deserve a promotion”?  (Capital Commerce)

AlphaClone has launched, at least in Beta form.  (World Beta)

Henry Blodget is back in a big way.  (Wired.com)

Jump changes in swimming and the financial markets.  (Infectious Greed, Science of Sport)

ESPN [a Disney (DIS) property] is closer to being a sports monopoly than we have ever seen in the history of sports.”  (Deadspin)

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