Portable alpha strategies blew up in 2008.  (WSJ.com)

Some of the biggest hedge funds are facing redemptions.  (FT Alphaville, Dealbreaker)

Bonds made the difference in November.  (Capital Spectator)

Current volatilities make buy-write strategies attractive.  (WSJ.com also Bull Bear Trader)

Trading ETFs is trickier than it looks.  (WSJ.com)

An easily defined risk-reward situation.  (Daily Options Report)

Beware big drops (30% in 5 days) in the VIX.  (VIX and More)

The ‘full house buy signal‘ has reversed, in part.  (FT Alphaville)

Investors are demanding liquidity at all costs. (Crossing Wall Street also MarketBeat)

Bottom fishing is a good strategy when the overall market is rising or is at least stable. It is a bad one when a bear market rages and especially bad when things are as far out of whack as they have been this year.”  (Marketwatch.com)

We have been “officially” in a recession for a year.  (Alea)

“In short, incoming data will confirm that the US economy is locked in the throes of recession, placing pressure on the Fed to ease further.”  (Economist’s View)

Is Sweden or Japan the right model to follow?  (Clusterstock)

“(N)o Treasury Secretary has ever entered office with as much responsibility as Geithner will have.”  (NewYorker.com)

“President-elect Obama will bring a first-class economic team to Washington next month. Already they are hard at work. Whether they can work together is another question.”  (Economic Principals)

RIP, Tanta.  (Calculated Risk, NYTimes.com, Market Movers, EconLog, Interfluidity, Econbrowser, Infectious Greed)

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