A neat look at how the market has performed (and evolved) relative to the 50 and 200 day moving averages.  (Quantifiable Edges also Daily Options Report)

Momentum investing worked…even in the Victorian age.  (SSRN.com)

A longer term look at the Arms Index.  (VIX and More)

Taking tax losses can force you to look at your portfolio with fresh eyes.  (WSJ.com)

Securities lending is the “lifeblood” of the hedge fund industry.  (All About Alpha)

Harvard’s endowment takes a hit.  (WSJ.com also Dealbreaker, Clusterstock)

Times are tough.  Google (GOOG) scales back.  (WSJ.com also GigaOM, The Big Money)

“Strange as it may sound, Apple may have an iPod problem.”  (BusinessWeek.com)

The gaming industry, with help from private equity, has experienced quite a comedown.  (TheDeal.com)

The auto downturn “is serious.”  (Econbrowser)

“Does the fact a company’s bonds are rated at low-junk levels, and trade at a small fraction of face value, prove the company is insolvent?”  (Floyd Norris)

The use of TIPS yields to estimate inflation expectations is more complex than at first blush.  (Mankiw Blog, Econbrowser)

The case for (and against) a 100 year Treasury bond.  (FT Alphaville, Market Movers)

“Counting on a quick rebound in the housing market to resurrect your net worth and save your retirement?”  Don’t.  (Clusterstock)

Financial engineering programs have gone way off track.  (The Spectrum via Economist’s View)

The risks to keeping financial industry salaries “artificially low.”  (Free exchange, Market Movers)

Although China may seem to have all the cards – high economic growth, large foreign currency reserves – it could yet turn out to be a major loser of the global economic crisis.”  (The Baseline Scenario also Free exchange)

Is it time to ditch the extra-point?  (Crossing Wall Street)

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