Stocks are finally pricing in some ugly news. (The Balance Sheet)

Ten contrarian reasons for a bottom. (Humble Student also

November brought continued trouble for hedge funds. ( also market folly)

Some excellent buy-write rules. (Daily Options Report)

Dedicated short-seller Jim Chanos is up 50% for the year. (

Contango is rampant in the oil market. (FT Alphaville)

Does John Thain deserve a bonus? (Market Movers)

Limited partners are reneging on their commitments to venture capital funds. ( also naked capitalism)

The Friday jobs report was worse than you think. (Big Picture)

If bubbles are inevitable, what should we do about them? (Baseline Scenario)

How much can the Feds do to support the credit markets? (MarketBeat)

Implications of the ‘quarterback problem’. In short, “There are certain jobs where almost nothing you can learn about candidates before they start predicts how they’ll do once they’re hired. (

Is this the basis for speed-reading? (Alea)

Horse breeders are not immune to the economic crisis. (FT Alphaville)

The sale of the Chicago Cubs is going as well as expected for a team with a futility-filled history. (Dealbreaker, SportsBiz. Deadspin)

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