Trust itself entered a bear market in 2008, complementing and perhaps surpassing the selloffs in stocks, mortgages and commodities.”  (

Rob Arnott on how to look at asset allocation in the new investment environment.  (

The many ways that “..investment managers can gussy up an ugly portfolio at year end.”  (

A turn-of-the-month strategy seems to hold water.  (MarketSci Blog)

Keeping an close eye on upcoming market seasonality themes.  (

The best and worst new funds of 2008.  (

The viability of hedge fund of funds is in question in light of the Madoff scandal.  (

The short-sale ban was pretty much useless.  (Odd Numbers)

Ways to play the bursting of the “cash bubble.”  (

“It also turns out that those who yell the loudest about good governance had their own fires smoldering at home.”  (Clusterstock)

Lower oil prices are also going to lower investment in domestic oil production  (Calculated Risk)

Ford (F) declines to take Uncle Sam on as a partner.  ( also Supply and Demand, Growthology, Mish)

History shows that banking crises lead to much higher government debt levels.  (Odd Numbers)

One upside to the global crisis, it helps expose frauds like Bernie Madoff.  (Real Time Economics)

On the composition of the Fed’s balance sheet:  “The bottom line is that Bernanke has made a gamble with something approaching 2 trillion.”  (Econbrowser)

The housing crisis climaxed under George W. Bush, but the seeds were planted long before that.  (Big Picture)

Will this plan prevent an “overcorrection to the downside” in the housing market?  (Baseline Scenario)

Maybe 18 months is a better estimate of the typical recession.  (Curious Capitalist)

Tim Geither has his hands full trying to rebuild “..from the ashes of the world financial system.  (

Apple (AAPL) will be just fine without Steve Jobs.  (Silicon Alley Insider)

A well-thought out list:  Top Finance Blogs of 2008.  (Condor Options)

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