“But I do think that we’re seeing the beginning of a secular downshift in the percentage of the US economy accounted for by retail sales.”  (Market Movers)

25% of retailers may go bankrupt in this cycle.  (Clusterstock also 24/7 Wall St.)

“Which securities will perform best after the current credit crisis, and which will fare worst?”  (NYTimes.com)

Investors fear a crash…which is a good thing.  (Bespoke)

Historical volatility down to September-like levels.  (VIX and More)

Dark pools of liquidity are teeming with “gamers.”  (MarketBeat)

The 2009 Buy List.  (Crossing Wall Street)

“Across every metric, investment clubs fared poorly.”  (MarketSci Blog)

Operational Due Diligence within the hedge fund world typically is done to verify that the fund is doing what they say they are doing and to ensure that the fund is following industry regulations and best practices.”  (Humble Student)

“The challenge is analyzing what an asset is truly worth, and when that value can be realized.  That is the challenge with financials today.”  (Aleph Blog)

“Take a legal pad and start writing what you really know about economics.”  (Dash of Insight also MarketSci Blog)

Interest rates for beginners.  (Baseline Scenario)

“Hangovers result not from booms in and of themselves, but from booms which result in unhealthy concentration of the aggregate investment portfolio.”  (Interfluidity)

Is cocoa a countercyclical asset?  (Marginal Revolution)

Wall Street Stories” from 1901.  (Finance Trends Matter)

Don’t try and predict the future.”  (BusinessWeek.com)

“Remember the nasty fight over oil speculators?”  (The Big Money)

Was it a mistake to save LTCM?  (NYTimes.com also Big Picture, Economist’s View, EconLog)

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