“If 2008 was the year of systemic risk, particularly in the financial sector, 2009 seems likely to be a year dominated by specific risk.”  (Economist.com)

So why buy bonds?”  (Market Movers)

Activist investors have stepped up their efforts.  (WSJ.com)

Bill Miller: bad year, great December.  (Clusterstock)

Read 2009 Investment Guides with a large grain of salt.  (Big Picture)

“So, our hat is off to Doug Kass: The Peerless Prognosticator of Palm Beach.”  (Jeff Matthews)

How many “Dr. Doom’s” are there?  (The Stalwart)

Is GMAC a mini-AIG in the making?  (naked capitalism)

Which private-equity firm’s going bust first? ”  (VanityFair.com)

Is this a rich person’s recession?  (Silicon Alley Insider)

“The only way not to be fooled by your instincts is to rely solely on objective facts.”  (Baseline Scenario also Dealbreaker)

Is the Swedish central bank doing us a disservice by awarding Nobel prizes to financial economics?  (Free exchange)

The next generation of smart, young economists.  (Economist.com)

Chess is now a young man’s game.  (Marginal Revolution)

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