Hedge funds are down, but not out.  (Barrons.com)

Why we keep falling for financial scams.  (WSJ.com)

Warren Buffett put some $20 billion of cash to work in 2008.  (Marketwatch.com)

The world’s leading investment luminaries don’t always follow their own advice.  (WSJ.com)

“While Treasuries look rich, other parts of the bond market beckon, including municipals, corporate bonds, convertible securities, some mortgage securities and preferred stock.”  (Barrons.com)

“But let’s remember that this is still a bear market, and the winning strategy remains to sell hope and buy fear.”  (The Technical Take)

“If people aren’t trying to beat the market, liquidity barely matters to them.”  (Angry Bear)

What is the slope of the yield curve telling us today?  (Free exchange)

2009 will not be all that bad for muni bond holders.  (Accrued Interest)

Risk management for beginners.  (Baseline Scenario)

How the credit crisis arose and what to do about it.  (Clusterstock, Big Picture)

How VaR failed its users.  (NYTimes.com, naked capitalism)

How the oil price shock affected the housing market.  (Econbrowser)

States are facing “huge budget shortfalls.”  (Mish)

“I guess macroeconomic volatility is not a historical relic after all.”  (Follow the Money)

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