A prominent investment advisor, Peter Schiff, who claims to have been “right” on the current crisis, failed to make money for his clients.  (Mish also Crossing Wall Street)

The Dow is just a mess.  (Big Picture)

David Swensen takes a swipe at a big chunk of the investment industry.  (FT.com via Investor’s Consigliere)

20 Ben Graham Net Nets.  (The Ideas Report)

“At the end of the day, buying a share of GE comes down to an act of faith in Jeff Immelt.”  (Deal Journal)

With such extreme market volatility everyone’s time horizon has shortened to that of a day trader.  (New York)

The VIX ETNs are going to be tricky to trade, even for professionals.  (Daily Options Report, Condor Options)

Bucking every trend, timber investments had positive returns last year.  (WSJ.com)

Why don’t hedge fund investors place a greater emphasis on operational risk?  (All About Alpha)

Hedge fund registration is coming.  (FINalternatives)

The ripple effect of [record] corporate defaults, Chapter 11 filings and liquidations must not be underestimated.”  (FT Alphaville)

It is important to keep an eye on existing home inventory trends.  (Calculated Risk also Market Movers)

TARP funds were supposed to help maintain bank lending, not decrease it.  (WSJ.com also naked capitalism, Clusterstock)

The political strategy around bank recapitalization summarized.  (Baseline Scenario)

Twenty five people at the heart of the credit crisis.  (The Guardian)

The success of a single European government bond depends on how it would be structured.  (FT Alphaville)

This can’t be good for shipping rates, “Container shippers are unleashing a wave of titanic vessels on the oceans during the biggest dip in global trade since World War II.”  (WSJ.com)

The global slowdown is going to shrink world trade and the emerging economies.  (Marginal Revolution , Follow the Money)

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