The story behind the spiking of Bailout Nation.  (Big Picture also Market Movers, Crossing Wall Street)

This market is too hard for 99 percent of investors.”  (Howard Lindzon)

Buy and hold is dead as an investment philosophy.  (ETF Trends)

“It turns out that outperforming your neighbor is not about finding better investments, it is about behaving better.”  (Behavior Gap)

The old pillars of investing are dead.  What now?  (Abnormal Returns, ibid)

The investment case for Canada and Switzerland.  (Minyanville,

Dividends are expected to have their worst year since 1942, with the S&P 500 payment declining 13.3%…”  (

When the economy recovers, investment in new and expanding companies will keep a lid on the earnings — and thereby stock prices — of established, incumbent corporations.”  (Economix)

Companies with high cash-to-asset ratios tend to outperform.  (CXO Advisory Group)

S&P 500 volatility continues to drift lower. (Condor Options, Daily Options Report)

A new intermediate-term ETF launches.  (

“The Treasury secretary seems stuck on keeping the banks we have in place. But we don’t need zombie banks overstuffed with nonperforming loans — ask the Japanese.”  (

Geithner speaks.  Wasn’t that supposed to be a good thing?  (naked capitalism, Daily Dish, ibid)

What says a well-known macro model on the effect of the stimulus on the economy?  (Mankiw Blog)

Tough times for economists.  (Abnormal Returns)

Rail traffic has hit an “air pocket.”  (Infectious Greed)

Suze Orman: pro and con. (Market Movers, The Big Money)

Stocktwits continues to garner positive publicity.  (, Global Neighbourhoods also ValuePlays)

Game theory explains why doping is pervasive in sports.  (Scientific American via Ideas Blog)

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