Third time is a charm, right?  Citibank (C) reportedly seeks yet another bailout.  (Clusterstock, Market Movers)

The potential Citibank investment is not nationalization and not really a decisive step to resolving the issues facing the bank.  (Information Arbitrage also Curious Capitalist)

Prepackaged bankruptcies for everyone!  Banks, automakers inclusive.  (Big Picture also Atlantic Business)

The argument for the “good bank” plan gains while the Obama administration runs the other way.  (Economic Principals)

Banks are getting back to the business of making money lending and issuing debt.  (,

How the mighty have fallen.  (EconomPic Data)

A neat graphic depicting bear market depth and duration.  (Big Picture)

Large cap stocks look more attractive than small cap stocks.   (Value Expectations)

Gold ETFs are soon to be the top source of gold demand.  (

Should leveraged ETFs have been allowed to list in the first place?  (Daily Options Report)

Arbitrage of the dayBerkshire Hathaway (BRK-A vs. BRK-B).  (Market Movers)

Rick Santelli discusses “The Rant.”  (

Let the Santelli backlash begin.  (Atlantic Business, The Big Money)

A CDS clearinghouse only makes sense if it is the sole one.  (

Research into how adjusting portfolio allocations according to the economic cycle can lead to higher returns.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Research into why US firms are holding more cash on their balance sheets?  (Journal of Finance)

Research into the relationship between hedge fund incentives and manager discretion and fund performance.  (Journal of Finance)

The Swiss franc is the “Dollar of Eastern Europe.”  (finem respice also Dealbreaker)

China has an uncommon liquidity problem. It has got too much.”  (

Paul Krugman, We are once again becoming a nation of savers.  (

Is macroeconomic policy overreacting to the downturn?  (Scientific American via Mankiw Blog, Marginal Revolution)

“In times as grim as these, stable wages and higher productivity seem like good things. But they come at a price. ”  ( also Free exchange)

Maybe the U.S. isn’t that far behind in broadband as previously thought.  (Bits)

A list of the twenty five most valuable blogs.  (24/7 Wall St.)

Look out Red Bull.  Caffeine is a performance enhancing drug.  (Sabernomics)

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