Can the mere words of the Federal Reserve Chair actually produce a 4% increase in the value of the U.S. capital stock?”  (Econbrowser)

There are many reasons for the S&P 500 to have fallen over the past two years and continue to fall in value from its current levels, but the cause is not a reduction in dividends.”  (Value Expectations)

Some perspective on the current bear market.  (Bespoke, Clusterstock)

The VIX cratered on the rally.  “Fear should not evaporate that quickly in the first hint of rally.”  (Daily Options Report)

The age of lowered standards:  the NYSE eases its listing requirements.  (

Is Pimco simply too big (and conflicted)?  ( also Atlantic Business)

Expect more big pharmaceutical mergers.  (

A handful of absolute return mutual funds that did not get crushed last year.  (

Will hedge fund returns improve after a thinning of the herd?  (All About Alpha)

Investors seeking a safe haven have opted for gold vs. oil.  (

It is the worst of times for the US Oil Fund (USO).  Falling oil prices, severe contango and low interest rates.  (FT Alphaville)

“The beauty of [SPDR Gold Shares] GLD lies in its simplicity.”  ( also

A question still unanswered:  “What needs to be stabilized first, the financial sector or the housing market?”  (Real Time Economics)

By some measures housing prices are nearing fair value, but inventories trump all at this point.  (Calculated Risk)

Markets hate the uncertainty inherent in wildly variant political decision making.  (The Daily Beast)

Consumer confidence has plunged.  (EconomPic Data, Bespoke)

Zombie banks must die!  (Jeff Matthews also Market Movers)

Nationalization by another (longer) name:  “FDIC mandated, pre-packaged Chapter 11, government funded reorganization.”  (Big Picture)

How does the circle get squared?”  (Foreign Policy)

The SEC is hot on your heels, “What’s the best place for an American fugitive to go?”  (

An interesting story of a coach who is getting the most from his athletes.  (

A good reason to start watching the Tonight Show again.  (

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