Sentiment reversals:  a put/call ratio plunges and individual investor bullish sentiment soars.  (VIX and More, Disciplined Approach to Investing)

FedEx (FDX) as an economic bellwether.  (Deal Journal)

Don’t get carried away by the appearance of multiple 9-to-1 volume days.  (

A new international small cap ETF combines developed and emerging markets.  (

Are TIPS the way to play QE?  (

The collapse of contango in the crude oil market makes an ETF recommendation sour.  (

“In summary, investors should not view the mutual diversification power of stocks and bonds as constant for planning horizons of less than a complete business cycle.”  (CXO Advisory Group)

An interesting Q&A with Less Antman on risk, diversification and buy-and-hold investing.  (Kirk Report)

After the shakeout, demand will return for hedge funds that can generate real alpha.  (Information Arbitrage)

“Whether in sports or trading, so much of the game is won before the initial tipoff, kickoff, or faceoff.”  (TraderFeed)

(S)elling options has made me a better trader because it has cut down on the number of trades I make and enhanced my patience and discipline.”  (VIX and More)

A stimulus plan for the credit ratings agencies.  (Clusterstock, 1440 Wall Street)

Just what would the “AIG Tax” achieve, that is if it is constitutional?  (Dealbreaker, Clusterstock, Interfluidity, Atlantic Business, Dealscape)

There was no reason to bail out AIG as a whole, and there remains no reason to continue to do so.  Congress has no one to blame but itself in the current brouhaha over bonuses at AIG.”  (Aleph Blog also Clusterstock)

“Yet, whenever possible, it’s better to clean house and bring in new talent at all levels to wind down bad business and more generally clean up/recapitalize/reprivatize the financial sector.”  (Baseline Scenario)

It is not an easy reality to adjust to. But simply assuming that we deserve to live as if it had not happened will only make things worse.”  (Floyd Norris)

Did the Fed bail out China by buying Treasuries?  No. Not really.”  (Brad Setser)

The odds of a Tim Geithner departure are on the rise.  (Zero Hedge, Market Movers)

The commercial real estate shoe has yet to drop for the banks.  (24/7 Wall St.)

Just how far below 5% can mortgage rates go?  (

There will be two bottoms in the housing market.  Only the second implies higher home prices.  (Calculated Risk)

Boo-yah! will never be the same.”  (Jeff Matthews)

On the difference between a billion and a million.  (Big Picture)

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