The toxic asset plan, “a CLO to buy a CLO.”  (MarketBeat, Real Time Economics)

The stock market loves the toxic asset plan. Every one else pretty much hates it. Who’s correct?  (Infectious Greed, Clusterstock, Market Movers, Curious Capitalist, Information Arbitrage, John Hussman, 24/7 Wall St., Zero Hedge, Free exchange, Atlantic Business, The Big Money)

Hold onto your wallets taxpayers, Bill Gross likes the PPIP.  (Dealscape)

It looks every one and their brother can join the fun and help bailout America’s banking system.  (Crossing Wall Street, Baseline Scenario)

What happens when the Fed (and Feds) need to unwind all these extraordinary plans?  (naked capitalism)

Your mutual fund is down big time.  Congratulations, your fund expense ratio just went up!  (

Profile of Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s biggest hedge fund manager.  ( via World Beta)

A hedge fund that plans on making money by eating its brethren.  (

Is another wave of oil company mergers on the horizon?  Two big Canadian producers unite.  (, Peridot Capitalist)

We have mentioned Sotheby’s (BID) as a proxy for the art market previously.  Is Steve Cohen interested in the auction house?  (, Dealbreaker)

“I think the keys to watch for the housing market are declining inventory levels, a bottom in new home sales, and the gap between new and existing home sales closing.”  (Calculated Risk)

America pushes for growth at all costs, while Europe rides in the wake. ( also Economix)

Is the USA still worthy of a AAA rating?  (

Inflation is possible, hyperinflation not so much.  (Clusterstock)

What is the proper risk-free rate?  (

Jonathan Clements on why he is not apologizing for his personal finance advice.  (Daily Beast)

How China sees the world.  (Strange Maps)

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