Has the stock market rally run its course?  (WSJ.com, FT Alphaville, Free exchange, TheStreet.com)

Good luck trying to escape earnings disappointments this earnings season.  (Big Picture, WSJ.com)

Bank analyst, Mike Mayo really doesn’t like the major banks.  (Zero Hedge, DealBook, Clusterstock, FT Alphaville)

The major banks are insolvent because their toxic assets really are toxic.  (Clusterstock)

Look for short-selling to come under regulatory pressure once again.  (NYTimes.com)

What has been going with TIPS prices (and breakeven yields) since the onset of the crisis?  (Free exchange)

Asset prices don’t easily confirm to a simple morality tale of people getting greedy and overpaying for stuff.”  (Crossing Wall Street)

The bank stress test results are back.  Are the Feds grading on a curve?  (Dealbreaker)

Count the G20 among the bank bondholder protection squad.  (Breakingviews.com, Clusterstock)

“We are now taking part in a vast economic experiment with an extremely uncertain outcome, and if anyone thinks it is anything different is suffering from a comforting misapprehension I wish I shared.”  (Ultimi Barbarorum)

“The Government’s approach to addressing the root cause issues of the financial crisis has thus far been inadequate.”  (Information Arbitrage)

Excessive inflation is a typical outcome in oligarchic situations when a weak (or pliant) government is unable to force the most powerful to take their losses – high inflation is, in many ways, an inefficient and regressive tax but it’s also often a transfer from poor to rich.”  (Baseline Scenario)

Do we need a new way (and ETF) to bet on housing prices?  (WSJ.com)

Heretics of Finance may not change the way readers see the markets, but it just might change the way we see those who read the markets.”  (All About Alpha)

God forbid Pixar might actually make good movies.  (NYTimes.com)

The end of the myth of Lenny Dykstra as a business savant.  (NYPost.com, Daily Options Report)

Should we just let the newspapers die of their own accord?  (Atlantic Business)

What other pieces of conventional wisdom are we wrong about?  (Slate.com)

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