If Goldman Sachs (GS) is selling, should you be buying?  (Clusterstock, WSJ.com)

Goldman claims it made no profits from AIG…this quarter.  (Floyd Norris, Big Picture)

Just how meaningful was Goldman’s earnings report?  (Clusterstock, Baseline Scenario, Deal Journal)

Goldman wants to pay back TARP funds. Patriotism or avarice?  (WSJ.com, Deal Journal)

Is this all a part of Tim Geithner’s plan to recapitalize the banking sector?  (The Pragmatic Capitalist via Dealscape)

Warren Buffett is back to breakeven (plus dividends) on his Goldman investment.  (Maoxian)

Corporate bonds are the “new equity.”  (MarketBeat)

Are you tired of VIX talk?  Now we have the new Credit Suisse Fear Barometer to overanalyze.  (Daily Options Report, sentimenTrader.com Blog also Humble Student)

“We often talk about the market as a whole, but in reality, the large majority of stocks don’t do much at all.”  (Crossing Wall Street)

Times are tough when hedge funds try to garner assets via mutual fund offerings.  (WSJ.com)

“Overall, global FX trading volume increased nearly 15 per cent from 2007 to 2008, as an increase in activity among companies and large financial institutions more than offset the sudden collapse of hedge fund FX trading.”  (FT Alphaville)

Do we still need Wall Street?  “As it’s currently structured, Wall Street is an anachronism. It ignores the way the Internet has changed global commerce.”  (Jim Jubak)

Mario Gabelli gets paid off of gross revenues.  Just like a Hollywood movie star.  (DealBook)

Private equity wants more capital from limited partners.  LPs should ask for lower fees and assert their rights more forcefully.  (Dealbreaker)

There is a risk that institutional investors will permanently cut back their exposure to venture capital.  (Bits)

Is the General Motors (GM) bailout/bankruptcy just a trial run for future bankruptcies?  (24/7 Wall St.)

Why is is that, “The financial crisis, when it finally struck the nation full-blown in September 2008, caught the government, the financial community, and the economics profession unawares.”  (Chronicle.com via Arts & Letters Daily)

The one assumption that underlies the mess we are in today:  “that housing prices would continue to increase.”  (Free exchange)

“The current crisis has shown than highly leveraged intermediaries require a government backstop, and for now there is no global taxpayer willing to bailout global banks that go bad.”  (Brad Setser)

Congratulations to the fine folks at AllAboutAlpha.com. (AllAboutAlpha.com)

The rise of StockTwits and the risk businesses run by being too dependent on Twitter.  (Howard Lindzon, BusinessWeek.com)

Just how does the “Dogbert Hedge Fund” work?  (Dilbert.com)

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