“If indeed we have hit generational lows or are entering a new bull market, the best is yet to come.”  (Howard Lindzon)

How to approach the market after a pretty good rise off the bottom.  (Ultimi Barbarorum also Zero Hedge)

Are leveraged ETFs increasing market volatility by having to trade at or near the close of the market each day?  (WSJ.com)

REITs have been a prime beneficiary of the recent financial-led rally.  (A Dash of Insight)

Read a copy of Citigroup (C) 1Q earnings conference call at your own risk.  (Felix Salmon also Zero Hedge)

Banks are lowering their debt costs by around 2% by issuing debt through the TLGP.  (Barrons.com)

Corporate bond markets around the world are functioning in large part because of government guarantees.”  (NYTimes.com also The Stash)

Is rapid stock market turnover undermining the link between shareholders and the long term corporate performance?  (WSJ.com)

A company’s 52-week high matters when it comes to making a merger offer.  (SSRN.com)

“Well, stats can reveal a ton of truth in any realm. But got to always be on the lookout for context, and the overstated impact of some outliers.”  (Daily Options Report)

“Is it churlish to point out that Nouriel Roubini’s global victory tour in March coincided perfectly with a major market bottom?”  (Maoxian)

“If a company has exposures of any complexity and wants to hedge, assessing the alternatives of how to execute the hedges is not trivial, particularly one decides to manage the hedges actively.”  (naked capitalism also Baseline Scenario)

“Thanks to the precipitous declines of the past two years, house prices are finally approaching fair value. But they likely still have another 20% or so to fall (nationally), and they will likely continue to fall for at least two more years.”  (Clusterstock)

How far along are in the “economic adjustment process”?  (Big Picture)

The mortgage equity withdrawal well has run dry.  (Clusterstock)

“Now it’s official: The sumptuous profits America posted over the past few years weren’t part of a new world order, but a bubble that, like the others, went out with a bang.”  (Fortune.com)

Should the Fed contemplate pushing interest rates below zero.  (NYTimes.com)

The Great Depression, after all, wouldn’t have become the Great Depression had the Federal Reserve and the Hoover Administration acted in 1930 the way the Federal Reserve and the Obama Administration are acting today.”  (The Balance Sheet)

“I would be a lot more comfortable saying China had turned the corner if there were stronger signs that China’s imports were starting to pick up…”  (Brad Setser)

VC investments are way down, but “There is money out there for good ideas, particularly ones that are capital efficient and located somewhere other than Silicon Valley.”  (A VC also peHUB, Marketwatch.com, Green Sheet)

Thirteen things science cannot explain.  (NewScientist.com via kottke.org)

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