Do half. “Scaling in and scaling out gives freedom to investors, and removing many of the psychological burdens that they bear.” (Aleph Blog)

Every one is talkin’ their book. It’s human nature” (Andy Swan)

What a forecast really means and how most people misinterpret them. (Sentiment’s Edge)

Another look at some measures showing an overbought S&P 500. (Big Picture, Trader’s Narrative, Humble Student)

Remember the hype around 130/30 funds. The results. (

Active fund managers just can’t buy a break. They are underperforming even in a bear market. (Alea Blog)

Bill Miller should keep working before taking a “victory lap.” (1440 Wall Street)

The exodus from hedge fund of funds continued in Q1. (FT Alphaville)

“It doesn’t matter whether a company is big or small. Capital structure matters. It always has and always will.” ( also Jeff Matthews)

Citigroup (C) and the preferred stock arb is a market barometer, for now. (Daily Options Report)

(H)uge changes in the relative values of companies” is making M&A attractive in this environment. (Baseline Scenario)

After a Merger Monday, is M&A back? (

How to sell an IPO in a tough market. The case of Rosetta Stone (RST). (Deal Journal)

The markets are no longer buying what the banks are telling us about their earnings. ( also Big Picture, Information Arbitrage, Value Plays)

Fears of future “fire sales” is helping keep bank lending down. (Clusterstock)

Commercial real estate remains a problem for banks. Time to short the REITs? (VIX and More)

“How much longer will banks keep offloading their REIT credit exposure to unwitting equity investors?” (Zero Hedge)

Geithner on the prospect of TARP repayments, it depends. (, Clusterstock, Dealbreaker)

“Someone is going to have to stand up and point out to the investing public that there is no quick fix.” (finem respice)

The IMF continues to up their estimate of financial sector losses. The solution, more capital injections. (Clusterstock)

“When you look at how countries are performing in this crisis, what seems more relevant than a free market government is how big your country is, and how dependent it is on the global economy.” (Atlantic Business)

Is Delaware in danger of losing it’s “corporate crown” to North Dakota? (, FT Alphaville)

Is Wall Street “too smart” for its own good? (Curious Capitalist)

Don’t believe what you read on blogs, but don’t believe what you read in more mainstream journalistic outlets, either. They’re all prone to hyperbole, and the best thing you can do most of the time is simply ignore all of it, and go for a nice walk instead.” (Felix Salmon)

What (TSCM) is making on their premium subscriptions. (Maoxian)

Happy blogiversary to market folly. (market folly)

Skygrid, a “real time financial news aggregator”, launches. (TechCrunch)

“Evidence from tree trunks and ice cores suggest that the Sun is calming down after an unusually high point in its activity.” (BBC News)

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