Is the current rally simply a cyclical bull market or the beginning of new secular rally?  (WSJ)

Nasdaq volume is surging relative to NYSE volume.  (Trader’s Narrative)

“(T)he market is not closing at intraday extremes with any more frequency than has been observed historically.”  (MarketSci Blog)

A successful example of a hedge fund getting “institutionalized” under a larger corporate umbrella.  (Breakingviews)

What effect have new entrants had on hedge fund alpha?  (All About Alpha)

More on the Coppock Guide.  (MarketSci Blog)

Blackrock’s plans post-BGI outlined.  (WSJ)

What is wrong with ETFs?  (IndexUniverse)

The ETF providers are not your friends.  (Abnormal Returns)

An ETF of ETFs is coming via Claymore Securities and Laffer Associates.  (IndexUniverse)

Doug Kass’ model portfolio updated.  (TheStreet)

Just how inefficient is the US stock market?  (Empirical Finance Research Blog)

What was the effect of the shorting selling ban of 2008.  (SSRN)

“It is entirely conceivable to me that many independent traders already have the skills and edge to achieve a living from their trading; all they need is the proper base from which to leverage those skills.”  (TraderFeed)

KKR had the luck to acquire Dollar General just as thriftiness was returning to the culture.”  (Newsweek)

Credit card charge off rates keep rising.  (Zero Hedge)

The Fed will get more power and only one agency, the OTS, may get eliminated the Obama financial regulatory plan.  (WSJ, Clusterstock, 24/7 Wall St., Baseline Scenario)

Breaking down the “risk silos” makes the case for a consolidated financial regulator.  (Rortybomb)

“It won’t be easy to bring about the needed regulatory change, not with still-too-powerful financial companies lobbying against it, but it’s essential that we do.”  (Economist’s View)

How best to structure a gasoline tax.  (NewYorker, Felix Salmon)

Forcing economists to put their money on the line would make for a more interesting debate.  (Freakonomics)

Fox Business is hurting.  (24/7 Wall St. also Big Picture)

So far this MLB season, how good is team payroll at predicting team wins?  (FinanceProfessor)

Your teenager is not drinking enough milk.  (Science Blog)

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