Active, long-only equity management is on the outs with institutional investors.  (WSJ)

Three summer market scenarios from Doug Kass.  (TheStreet)

“Given the big recent stock gains, investors seem to be waiting for either a fall in price or a considerable brightening in the economic outlook before they put a lot more money into the market.”  (WSJ also Clusterstock)

A notable divergence in performance at Renaissance.  (Zero Hedge)

What should we read into the VIX/VXV ratio?  (Daily Options Report)

Why do financial products like reverse convertibles exist?  (Baseline Scenario also Alea Blog)

Seven warning signs for your hedge fund.  (Rick Bookstaber)

The ten hottest commodities of 2009.  (greenfaucet)

Venture capitalists do better investing far away from home.  (peHUB)

Banks continue to look for alternatives to Libor.  (FT Alphaville)

Is it now business as usual on pay at Goldman Sachs (GS)?  (24/7 Wall St. also Felix Salmon, Mean Street)

In regards to financial regulation:  “if not the Fed, then who?”  (The Big Money)

Can Baby Boomers’ kids save the housing market?  (24/7 Wall St., LiveScience)

Don’t count on the recovery just yet.  (Clusterstock)

TIPS-implied inflation expectations are back to historical norms.  (Carpe Diem)

Is behavioral economics doomed?  (Cheap Talk via Economist’s View)

“First diagnosed by Richard Thaler and Daniel Kahneman, the endowment effect stipulates that once people own something – they have an established or imagined “property right” to the object – that something dramatically increases in subjective value.”  (The Frontal Cortex)

Some stock screening resources.  (New Rules of Investing)

Business etiquette in the age of the Blackberry.  (NYTimes also Atlantic Business)

Are Apple (AAPL) and its customers too dependent on Steve Jobs?  (The Daily Beast also Wired)

Why is The Economist thriving while other newsweeklies fade?  (BuzzMachine)

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