Goldman Sachs (GS) says talk of record 2009 bonuses is premature.  (Clusterstock, ibid)

What do average sector correlations tell us about future market performance?  (Aleph Blog)

How aggressive are ETF providers in their proxy voting?  (WSJ)

Norway gets it.  (behavior gap)

General Motors says please don’t buy our stock….until next year.  (footnoted, WSJ)

Prime broker ratings.  (FT Alphaville)

Does “crash risk” help explain the returns to the currency carry trade?  (SSRN)

Let’s hope Larry Summers does a better job with the US of A’s finances than he did with Harvard’s.  (Felix Salmon)

A look at a new Economic Momentum Index.  (Carpe Diem)

By a broad measure unemployment has hit 16.5%.  (Real Time Economics also Curious Capitalist, Calculated Risk)

Forget unemployment rates, check out the aggregate hours worked figures.  (Freakonomics)

What?  (Alea Blog)

“The question is whether our financial system is willing and able to extend the credit that would fuel the recovery.”  (Econbrowser)

Where is the Consumer Reports for the financial industry?  (Free exchange)

Is America poised to become a nation of renters?  (The Atlantic)

The Chinese continue their search for a global reserve currency that is not the US dollar.  (FT Alphaville)

Ron Insana starts his newsletter ahead of the game.  (LongShortTrader via agwarner)

The fallout from the Dennis Kneale blog rampage continues.  (DealBreaker, Daily Options Report)

Should finance bloggers write more for a general audience?  (Felix Salmon)

Part one of an interview with Barry Ritholtz.  (Wall St. Cheat Sheet)

Justin Fox on the Daily Show.  (Curious Capitalist)

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