Advocates of asset allocation are going back to the drawing board.  (WSJ also Curious Capitalist, Aleph Blog, Abnormal Returns)

Who knew?  Junk bonds experience more upgrades than downgrades in Q2.  (Deal Journal)

Investment grade bonds continue their recovery.  (Bespoke)

Are investment grade or junk bonds still worth a look?  (EconomPic Data)

The world of high frequency trading is in turmoil.  (FT Alphaville, Big Picture)

Are commodity futures markets being driven by speculators and index investors?  (The Stash, Econbrowser)

A recap of some recent market indicators.  (Behind the Headlines)

Has the volatility storm passed?  (Crossing Wall Street)

Once again, the VIX is a STATISTIC!  (Daily Options Report)

A bit wonky, but worth a read.  The lazy guide to delta hedging.  (Condor Options)

Some college endowments are going to see their private equity allocations inevitably increase due to capital calls.  (Bloomberg)

Nine ETFs have more than $10 billion in assets, and 297 have less than $25 million. Time will tell how long some of the smaller ETFs can survive on such a small base.”  (Morningstar)

That was fast.  General Motors is out of bankruptcy.  (DealBook, The Big Money)

Just how tough are the Feds are going to be with the banks over TARP warrant valuations?  (WSJ, Breakingviews, WashingtonPost)

OTC derivatives have some defenders, the companies that actually use them.  (Atlantic Business)

How to make “bankslaughter” work.  (Clusterstock)

What the Fed has been up to the last year.  (Alea Blog)

“We cannot have the Fed indefinitely take over the provision of credit to most of the economy.  Asset prices need to fall and, if necessary, debts have to be restructured.”  (Baseline Scenario)

Anna Schwartz on the end of the recession.  (Time)

Too early to tell whether the stimulus is working.  (Slate also Ezra Klein)

“Perhaps the real reason why public-sector pension costs have not been tackled is that the full bill has never been revealed to taxpayers.”  (Economist)

“It makes sense for Mr. Andreessen to enter the VC business when his peers are heading for the exit.”  (Economist)

Does financial journalism (and blogging) need to become less obtuse?  (Atlantic Business)

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