“But to a degree unique among its peers, Goldman has turned the crisis to its advantage.”  (NYTimes also Big Picture, Clusterstock)

It’s taken some time for Jeremy Siegal’s work to come under scrutiny.  (Crossing Wall Street)

CIT Group (CIT) is GE Capital absent government support.  (Breakingviews, WSJ)

Why bother with energy futures with regulatory uncertainty on the horizon.  (FT Alphaville)

What are they going to do with all that bulk shipping coming on line in 2010?  (Research Reloaded)

Andy Lo, “Institutional investors have to start thinking on a daily time frame, because of the financial arms race that has been developing over the last several years.”   (Pensions & Investments)

“Spending our time trying to second-guess the macroeconomic future is a hopeless task. The next crisis won’t look like the last, we won’t see it coming.”  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

“Of course, you don’t have to be a management consultant to know that simply projecting recent trends into the near future—forecasting by extrapolation—is dangerous, especially today, when volatility and discontinuities are rampant.”  (The Big Money)

Why pass a second stimulus bill when the first one hasn’t even been spent yet.  (Felix Salmon, Free exchange)

The consumer protection agency for financial products is dying on the vine.  (Baseline Scenario)

Is Cheesecake Factory (CAKE) a symbol of what is wrong with American dining?  (Ezra Klein)

Justin Fox podcast on the rationality of markets. (EconTalk)

We used to wonder if we could “untrain” a generation to steal. The answer is yes. Just make it easier to get the content they want and they’ll stop stealing.”  (A VC)

20 finance blogs you might not know about.  (MoneyScience)

How should bloggers get compensated?  (Atlantic Business, NYTimes)

How to crack into the blogging game.  (Felix Salmon, Baseline Scenario)

Why do we continue to elect well-known players past their prime to the baseball All-Star game?  (Newsweek)

Seems apt.  The Chicago Cubs may declare bankruptcy to facilitate a sale of the team.  (Dealscape)

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