The Internet is dead as an investment.  (WSJ contra A VC)

2009 has been a good year for semiconductors.  (Bespoke, StockCharts Blog)

A round-up of investor sentiment measures.  (Trader’s Narrative)

Which is the better world equity ETF?  (greenfaucet)

Charles Schwab (SCH) is getting into the ETF business.  (Investment News)

Keeping tabs on hedge fund letters all in one place.  (Hedge Fund Letters)

Getting people save more, by helping them gamble.  (WSJ)

Explaining the equity risk premium, using a better measure of consumption, i.e. garbage.  (Real Time Economics)

On the discrepancy between natural gas and crude oil prices.  (Econbrowser)

Just how much might a firm like Goldman be making from high frequency trading?  (Zero Hedge)

Goldman should give up its government support or part of its profits.  (Barron’s, Matthew Goldstein)

Why are we surprised that the banks are showing profits?  That was the plan all along.  (Free exchange, Atlantic Business)

Are investment banks run for employees or shareholders?  (Barron’s, Economist)

Investment banking execs, “You have the best excuse in the world right now to screw over your employees.”  (Epicurean Dealmaker)

This is the moment were we take the training wheels off the economy. We had to do it at some point. We had to eventually send a message to the world of finance that not everything was going to be bailed out.”  (Accrued Interest)

On the dark side of leverage.  (Atlantic Business)

Why isn’t anybody listening to economist Joseph Stiglitz?  (Newsweek via Economist’s View)

There will likely be two bottoms for the housing market.  (Calculated Risk)

“If a consumer agency had been set up 20 years ago, would the subprime mortgage crisis have been prevented”  (NYTimes)

Hope will not end the recession.”  (Howard Lindzon)

Is China really growing at 8%?  (The Big Money)

Crowdsourcing works when it is focused.  (NYTimes)

If you think you are unbiased, think again.  (Aiki14)

An interview with the pugnacious Charlie Gasparino.  (FT)

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