Signs that investor sentiment is getting stretched.  (Big Picture, The Technical Take)

Corporate bonds (investment grade and high yield) are rocking.  Does a mean-reversion strategy work timing the two?  (EconomPic Data)

Junk stocks (literally) have outperformed this year.  (Bespoke)

Is the US dollar carry trade now ruling the markets?  (Big Picture also Barron’s)

Oil has been outperforming oil stocks.  (Bespoke)

What short interest ratios tell us about future returns.  (The Ideas Report)

Selling into panicky markets may profit short-term from downside momentum, but overall it’s a losing strategy at any time frame.”  (TraderFeed)

Jeremy Siegel responds to criticisms of his historical stock returns.  (Crossing Wall Street)

The Claymore/AlphaShares China All-Cap ETF seeks to fill a void.  (IndexUniverse)

The former star that is the ProShares Ultra Short Financial ETF (SKF).  (The Reformed Broker)

It looks like old Arthur Andersen methods took hold over at Huron Consulting (HURN).  (re:  The Auditors, WSJ)

Competition for the likes of Covestor Investment Management?  (World Beta)

Hypocrisy alert.  Warren Buffett has been a big beneficiary of the government bailout of the financial sector.  (Rolfe Winkler also Clusterstock)

Why Citigroup (C) should sell its Phibro unit (hedge fund or not).  (Felix Salmon)

Goldman Sachs’ (GS) $100 million trading days are piling up at a record pace, ala Barry Bonds.  (Bloomberg also Deal Journal, Bronte Capital)

A potential ban on flash trades is a internecine fight between exchanges.  (WSJ, The Big Money)

High frequency traders are not market makers.  (Wall St. Cheat Sheet)

Eliminating all market asymmetries is impossible. Some participants have always had better information than others and pressed home that advantage by investing in ever better infrastructure, research or technology.”  (FT)

TIPS issuance is going to get ratcheted up by the Treasury Department.  (WSJ also Atlantic Business)

“If Donald Trump can borrow money to finance casinos, then the credit crunch must really be over.”  (Floyd Norris also breakingviews)

Support for “cash for clunkers” ignores the paradox of the “broken window fallacy.”  (Research Reloaded)

The CFTC is unlikely to make the futures market more efficient by removing potential demand.  (breakingviews, WSJ)

Farmland values decline.  (Calculated Risk)

For those of you tracking the Gasparino-Taibbi debate.  (Big Picture)

“The good news in the markets, paradoxically, has been bad news for CNBC.”  (Slate)

A Skygrid widget will now be appearing on StockTwits.  (Howard Lindzon, TechCrunch)

Ranking baseball players through the years using “network science.”  (Wired)

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