Asset allocation is still relevant, but no one ever said it was easy.”  (The Capital Spectator)

Hedge funds had a good July.  (WSJ, Bull Bear Trader)

What does a Lowry Research’s Intermediate Trend Buy Signal mean?  (Trader’s Narrative)

Options sometimes let you win when you’re wrong, but they can also let you lose when you’re right.”  (Daily Options Report)

Three bad reasons to pursue a trading career.  (TraderFeed)

An interview with hedge fund manager Paul Sonkin.  (Street Capitalist)

Are flashed option orders next on the hit list?  (Zero Hedge)

Challenging the feasibility of conspiracies on Wall Street.  (Across the Curve)

Someone’s got to be in charge.  Why not Goldman Sachs (GS)?  (The Reformed Broker)

China is interested in “equity market stability.”  (Clusterstock)

A graphical history of US bailouts.  (Big Picture)

“It’s a historical fact: private banks finance the boom, governments finance the bust. Read the book, weep and then throw away your economic theories.”  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Government assistance aside, the CMBS market is closed to new issuance.  (Agnes Crane)

Have firm cut too many jobs and drawn down inventories too much?  (WSJ)

Reviewing signs that the economy is improving.  However don’t expect a quick consumer bounce back.  (Economist’s View)

The Flaw of Averages [by Sam Savage] provides a great read and introduction to basic concepts in probability and real life situations where things behave in un-intended ways, such as the hidden stories in the “average.”  (designing better futures)

Happy first blogiversary!  (MarketSci Blog)

Is the Kindle from Amazon (AMZN) going to get “betamaxed”?  (Marketwatch)

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