John Paulson hearts Bank of America (BAC).  (market folly, Bespoke, 24/7 Wall St., FT Alphaville)

More evidence short covering has helped drive the market run.  (Daily Options Report)

What is Goldman Sachs (GS) trading?  (The Pragmatic Capitalist)

Luxury goods stocks are in a stealth bull market.  (VIX and More)

On the new CBOE Implied Correlation Index: “In layman’s terms, it tells us whether the individual stock options are cheap or expensive relative to the index options.”  (Don Fishback)

“When is it the right time to quit the hedge fund game?”  (Breakingviews)

More on the growing automation in the investment industry.  (FT Alphaville)

Nine exchange traded fund debacles.  (ETF Database)

The United States Natural Gas Fund (UNG) is in limbo.  (WSJ)

Why natural gas prices may remain under pressure.  (FT Alphaville)

Why are foreign bonds underrepresented by the ETF marketplace?  (IndexUniverse)

“When will the Feds do the right thing and break up Citigroup (C)?”  (Clusterstock)

Why is Phibro still a part of Citigroup?  (Curious Capitalist also naked capitalism)

Citigroup is still sitting on top of a mountain of toxic assets.  (Matthew Goldstein)

“It’s absolutely critical to investing success to take time to occasionally look back in an unemotional way at how you are doing.”  (Dasan)

Phase transitions and the never ending cycle of booms and busts.  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Despite cash for clunkers July retail sales were punk.  (EconomPic Data, Calculated Risk)

It is not unusual to see a positive quarter of GDP growth in a recession.  (Big Picture)

Some positive trends in the housing markets.  (Jeff Matthews)

The Fed is beginning to slowly rollback its support for the financial markets.  (WashingtonPost, Curious Capitalist)

Just how big a deal was it to let Lehman Brothers fail?  (Free exchange)

Three signs your mutual fund sucks.  (Minyanville)

“Simply, I’ve come to believe that successful retirement is a matter of saving enough and not spending too much, rather than being a function of successful investing.”  (InvestmentNews)

“It goes to show that thinking up the right regression to run can be worth millions.”  (Freakonomics)

A round-up of recent Apple (AAPL) Tablet chatter.  (Tech Trader Daily, Gizmodo)

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