Is Goldman Sachs (GS) giving preferential research access to select clients and internal traders?  (WSJ also DailyFinance, FT Alphaville, Clusterstock, Peter Thal Larsen, Zero Hedge, naked capitalism)

More looks at recent market performance.  (The Capital Spectator, EconomPic Data)

Is it time for high quality stocks to outperform?  (The Money Game)

Natural gas continues to fall relative to oil.  (Bespoke, The Money Game)

What is a natural gas bull to do?  (Abnormal Returns also 24/7 Wall St.)

A short term TIPS ETF launches Pimco 1-5 Year U.S. TIPS Index Fund (STPZ).  (IndexUniverse)

“This supercharged rally will end too and the complaints will come that $GS sold at the top. They likely will. Be ready to make some money yourself.”  (Howard Lindzon)

Most investors are intelligent people, neither irrational nor insane. But behavioral finance tells us we are also normal, with brains that are often full and emotions that are often overflowing.”  (WSJ)

There’s no evolutionary precedent for investing.”  (The Wallet)

Harvard Management Company reverses courses and brings some assets back in house.  (WSJ)

Traders (and bloggers) are ignoring some good stuff in the academic finance literature. (Condor Options)

Checking out Bank of America (BAC) and a new charting service.  (VIX and More)

Technical analysis-based mutual funds double in number.  (Fund My Mutual Fund)

Just how big is the high frequency trading business?  (Clusterstock)

Are deals backed by leveraged loans back?  (FT Alphaville, DealBook)

The TARP seems to be turning a profit.  (Free exchange)

“But for this extraordinary government intervention, Housing would actually be much much worse.”  (Big Picture)

A package of stories on the new world of oil.  (Foreign Policy via The Big Money)

“Several new sentiment analysis companies are trying to tap into the growing business interest in what is being said online.”  (NYTimes)

Love it when Scott Adams skewers the investment business.  (Dilbert)

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