The four stages of secular bear markets.  (Big Picture)

Speculation is back in vogue.  (Barron’s)

Putting the rally in AIG (AIG) into perspective.  (Bespoke, Daily Options Report also Matthew Goldstein)

Are there any cheap stocks left?  (ROI)

Where did all the short sellers go?  (Bespoke)

The carry trade has a new borrowing currency, the US dollar.  (WSJ)

An introduction to Treasury auctions. (VIX and More)

John Paulson is now enamored of Citigroup (C).  (Clusterstock)

Has it become too easy to launch an ETF?  (FT Alphaville, The Money Game also ETF Database)

Blackstone Group (BX) has become the leading manager of hedge fund of funds.  (NY Post)

Getco LLC gets some attention as one of the biggest high frequency traders.  (WSJ also Matthew Goldstein)

Commodity ETPs trading at a premium to NAV creates perverse incentives to drive the underlying commodity lower.  (IndexUniverse also BusinessWeek)

The five stages of panic buying.  (The Reformed Broker)

An interview with trader, blogger and author Brian Shannon.  (Wall St. Cheat Sheet)

“The results suggest that investor return is correlated not with gender but with risk taking attitude: those people at the lower risk feminine end of the scale in general got better investment results than those at the masculine end, regardless of whether they were male or female.”  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Don’t expect much fallout from the Goldman Sachs (GS) trading huddle story.  (Dealscape also introspectica)

Are we in for an extended period of weak corporate profits?  (Economist)

Why are today’s leaders so reluctant to reform the financial system?  (Baseline Scenario)

“Perhaps the real puzzle is that, after 20 years in which private equity has dominated the takeover landscape, we still don’t have enough evidence to determine whether the industry delivers any economic benefits.”  (Economist)

Do the big beer makers now constitute an oligopoly?  (Breakingviews)

How to calculate when a player is in a statistical slump.  (Freakonomics)

“I’d love to see a world where the price of online advertising was a function how many unique visitors saw that ad unit, rather than how many times it was served.”  (Felix Salmon)

Is Twitter making us stupid?  (Zero Beta)

Beware the Cupcake Bubble.  (Clusterstock)

According to reviewers the price is right for Snow Leopard.  (TUAW)

People are happy spending money on apps for their smartphones, especially after they’ve had a chance to try them for free.”  (GigaOM)

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