Hedge fund returns continue to shine in 2009.  (EconomPic Data)

“Insulation from extreme market events doesn’t come cheap.”  (WSJ)

“(I)f you know that there are simple things you can do to beat the market with confidence over the long term, why aren’t you doing them?”  (New Rules of Investing)

“Currently, in empirical finance we know that size, value and momentum are related to returns, but it’s not clear why.”  (Falkenblog)

A look at the consequences of the rapid growth in ETF issuance.  (IndexUniverse earlier Abnormal Returns)

Warren Buffett is shifting his portfolio away from equities.  (DealBook)

David Einhorn is still negative on the credit rating agency stocks.  (24/7 Wall St.)

Doug Kass loves cash.  (TheStreet)

Don’t discount the possibility of a Dick Fuld comeback.  (Clusterstock also Dealbreaker)

A surge in M&A always benefits the investment banks, always.  (NYTimes, Clusterstock)

The Efficient Markets Hypothesis never took hold in the corporate boardroom.  (Felix Salmon)

The story behind the Dole Corp. IPO.  (LA Times)

What a surge in life settlements may have on the life insurance industry.  (Rolfe Winkler, Aleph Blog)

The demise of Lehman Bros. has shaken up the world of prime brokerage.  (Breakingviews)

By one measure it is clear that the current economic downturn is no depression.  (Big Picture)

Was Fed policy too tight back in 2008?  (The Balance Sheet also Felix Salmon, The Money Game)

California’s budget misery”  has not stopped a big rally in California muni bonds.  (Money & Co.)

What should we make of China’s plan to issue renminbi bonds to offshore investors?  (Fund My Mutual Fund)

The benefits of a college degree in lifetime earnings and the majors that earn the most.  (Economist, PayScale)

Colleges, like newspapers, will be torn apart by new ways of sharing information enabled by the Internet.”  (The Big Money)

The financial crisis made Wall Street 2 possible.  (NYTimes)

In case you missed our holiday weekend linkfests.  (Abnormal Returns, ibid)

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